World Diabetes Day 14 November

Together we can open our eyes to the urban diabetes challenge. Show us a photo of how you live healthily in your city by using #UrbanDiabetes and #WDD2014 on social media. Here you will see a collection of initiatives supporting World Diabetes Day around the world.

This World Diabetes Day, Novo Nordisk is asking decision makers, planners, businesses and everyone else who lives in cities to open their eyes to the growing diabetes challenge and join the fight against urban diabetes. The diabetes pandemic is an emergency in slow motion. More than 380 million people already have diabetes and this figure is expected to rise to 592 million by 2035. 64% of people with diabetes live in urban areas and urban residence is associated with a staggering 70% increased risk of developing diabetes.

Clearly, World Diabetes Day has a greater role to play in raising awareness about diabetes than ever before.

Watch the video and read more about urban diabetes here

About World Diabetes Day

Every World Diabetes Day, Novo Nordisk partners with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) to unite people with diabetes, employees, partners and the general public with a call to change diabetes on World Diabetes Day.

World Diabetes Day is 14 November – the birthday of Frederick Banting, whose work with Charles Best led to the discovery of insulin in 1921. The day was first introduced in 1991 to raise awareness about diabetes: its causes, its prevention and the devastating effects it has on human lives and healthcare systems worldwide. Since the adoption of the United Nations (UN) Resolution on Diabetes in December 2006, World Diabetes Day has become an official United Nations World Health Day.

Read more about the campaign driven by the International Diabetes Federation.

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